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OCR Services - PDF, Image OCR Recognition Services

We, at Data Processing India provide OCR Services for automated data conversion process for better quality and fast turn around time at a very affordable rate. For high speed data processing, we use the recognition software for automated data capture and for processing voluminous forms, books etc. Our OCR services will help you increase your productivity of information processing and business automation applications dramatically.

Through OCR system, the data capturing becomes more and more fast and accurate, we use state-of-the-art OCR system that can differentiate between OCR text and images. The software can easily analyze each character and change it into electronic ASCII codes. This system has the ability to handle various types of documents like printed documents, microfilms, image files and more.

Various formats used:

  • Hand-written text with ICR
  • Checks with OCR
  • Indexing using OCR
  • Full text with OCR
  • Barcode recognition

We have specialized software for changing images into editable text. Our software has the capability to change a hard copy formats like MS word files, PDF, HTML pages, RTF, or TXT, turn image-based PDF files back to editable text.

The OCR software can easily recognize a wide variety of fonts in various languages. We use OCR character recognition to convert scanned image into a digital text files for document management. This is also used for word processing, desktop applications and for automatic indexing.

OUR OCR service can be used for various data capture requirements and that includes:

  • Magazines and Periodicals
  • Insurance forms
  • Directories
  • Survey forms
  • Bounded books
  • Banking forms
  • Bill remittance forms
  • Medical forms

We have the ability to handle great volume of work in the best possible turn around time that too with an assurance of almost zero error. We offer high-end OCR services to provide you quality work. Our OCR auditor team is there to look after all the works at every level. The quality and accuracy of each recognized files are checked at every level. Once the audited data is formatted, it is then sent to the client.

Our services are spread over various industries like transport, healthcare, banking, insurance, retail, government and so on.

High quality OCR Character Recognition service with best turn around time

Our highly skilled processing professionals ensure the accuracy in conversion that too at a very high speed. Our efficient team has the capability to provide voluminous work with best quality and best turn around time ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your data along with complete security.

If you wish to know more about our services, please contact us. Get FREE quote for your projects from us and outsource your OCR requirements.