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Form Processing Services and Solution

Any information that is on a piece of paper is hardly of any importance until it is changed into an electronic set-up and worked on. The conventional paper-based communications has too many drawbacks; time consuming, pricey, prone to errors are simply a few to name. Form processing services involve digging out information from structured or customized forms; we input data from each type of hand-written information and typed forms exactly, swiftly and economically. We convert the faxed and scanned images into digital data. We offer various services form processing solutions; our form processing services brings range of solutions that covers Survey Forms, Market Research Forms, Medical Claim Forms, Tax Forms, Insurance Claim Forms, Rebate Forms and Subscription Forms.

At Data Processing India, we recurrently process surveys, application forms and questionnaires. We are outfitted with the newest technological knowledge that help us to process form data very conveniently and we have a committed team that gives absolute and exact form processing services to our international clients at the required time. Our immeasurable form processing experience in competently finishing off-shore form processing projects over the past years facilitate us to provide gainful form processing solution and services that brings precious data at maximum accuracy on time, every time.

We can deal both structured (organized pre-formatted forms in column/tabular designs with boxes where details are to be incorporated, such as coupons) as well as the non-structured design (such as survey forms or survey questionnaires) of forms processing. Our services offer traditional solutions that cater to your definite needs. We are able to give a matchless operational brilliance to the clients and facilitate them to alter huge quantity of papers, into digital format of their choice.

For data processing services, India is best because we are here to offer you online data processing, automatic data processing, electronic data processing and all other types of outsourcing data processing work, that too at a very pocket-friendly rate.

Our technique and Form Processing Services:

We, Data Processing India, use either the single-key method or the double-key process for operation; this ensures the accuracy level at its highest. Although we can even, handle the forms using manual data entry process. This process also ensures quick service and errorless service also. Your prerequisites help us come to a decision regarding the tools to be used for form processing. We make validation tools depending on a set of definite rules and regulation- like the email address validation and the postal code.

Process of Form processing

  • We do electronic transmission of forms. At the very beginning the forms are scanned and then are distributed on the Data Processing India's protected FTP server, from where you can download all these images and we do the onward processing.
  • After this process, the images can be loaded into the personalized software.
  • The fields are added according to the requirement of the client. Depending on the client's need, the database is made.
  • Before the dispatch, the data available in the database is verified and a quality check is done.

Applications for Form Processing

We deal with all kind of forms, starting from invoices, purchase orders, credit card applications, sales, to tax statements, market research forms, medical or insurance claims and many other types of forms. We convert all such forms into electronic format by scanning them and using our domestic software.

We work with a range of applications including:

  • Rental forms
  • Coupon redemption forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Shipping documents
  • Product registration cards
  • Patient records
  • Legal forms
  • Tax forms
  • Subscriptions
  • Credit card applications
  • Survey forms
  • Medical claim forms

We, at Data Processing India, can carry out voluminous transactions at an ease. We have enough resources and staff to match your deadlines.