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Data Mining and Research Services

We, at Data Processing India offer web data mining, database mining, data mining or research services like capturing data from various websites, which includes extraction of contact information, business list, email addresses and other required information. Our data mining services helps companies to increase their sales, build clients and have mailing list of marketing campaigns etc.

The processes of data mining have been embraced by almost all kinds of business houses, no matter what size. What makes us different from others is our unique service and quality work in best possible turn around time.

No matter what kind of data to be captured, we offer data mining services with complete accuracy and consistency. We have gathered the most efficient data capturing method and are able to manage any kind of data capture requirements. Our service gives competent web data mining related services that mainly covers mailing list, creation of business group database and web directories.

Our specialization is in the following services:

  • Web-mining to find out email addresses of contact persons etc
  • Preparing business list from web directories
  • Finding out company's contact information
  • Capturing data from web-site into database

Data capture services are used to.

  • Database management
  • Creating and updating business database
  • Creating web directories
  • Creating mailing list

We, at Data Processing India provide data mining solutions and services at the best possible time and with great quality. We have specialized data capture system that combines great quality and efficiency. We have worked positively to offer our valued clients best possible work globally. Our excellent staff is familiar and well versed in the cross discipline character of data mining in areas like insurance, retail, airline, banking, eCommerce and telecom.

We have the capability to capture even the most complex information from the web. Data Processing India keeps on investing in the cutting-edge technologies and professionals; this has developed a broad diversity of web mining and data capture means that can carry out numerous tasks at various levels.

Some projects that we can handle with ease are.

  • Using software to extract Meta data from websites
  • Extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources
  • Gathering data from websites and entering it into excel spreadsheets
  • Searching online newspapers for the latest pricing information
  • Searching the web, creating lists of target websites, and collecting information from these sites
  • Gathering precise and updated information about competitors' pricing

Over the years, our knowledge and experienced has grown in web mining and data capturing domains. We have successfully handled some of the highest standards of work and have positioned ourselves among the best in the business globally. We uphold the highest standard of business ethics with our commitment to quality and time. By outsourcing all your web mining work and data capturing work, you can carefully focus on your core business activities.

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