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Your team did a great job and
completed the task on time, we
need to resume this work again by
next month with additional per-
sons, we will update on man power
requirements well in advance so
that you can dedicate persons to
our project. Thanks.

- Jerry

Text Processing - OCR and Word Text Processing

At Data Processing India, we offer text processing services like the word text processing, reports, OCR text and word processing, appendices, bibliographies word processing. We offer quality services to authors; our services includes novels, manuscript text processing services, poetry, letters, articles and many more to mention. The services provided by us like desktop publishing, bulk mailing, transcription services, email marketing campaigns, power point presentations gives you relief from the hassles of formatting and typing documents.

Advantages that you can enjoy:

  • Maximize quality
  • Abridge procedures of production
  • Producing a huge quantity of tailored documents according to the requirements
  • Eliminate errors
  • Deployable on multiple platforms including the web
  • Improve document consistency
  • Increase productivity
  • Dynamically manage, collate, and assemble documents

Why outsource Text processing to us?

Our services of OCR text processing are accurately planned to help reporters, authors, educators, healthcare professionals, journalists, graduates, students, writers, self employed and all big and small business houses. We try to achieve prompt results. Making the best use of the functional strategies we aim to maintain the highest level of security and at the same time establish close working relationship with customers.

In this era of information and technology, it is not a wise decision to keep on processing maximum documents manually. This is not only time consuming but is equally expensive. Our word and text processing team has the required know-how in implementing numerous applications for text processing. Availing our service, you can transform the manual means of processing into a faster automated system, which reduces the chances of error.

We help companies that need a huge volume of high-degree of tailor-made documents, which are required to update regularly. It is frustrating and time consuming task to classifying documents with footers and headers, intricate numberings, hanging indents, styling of the tab settings, and tables as well. Our company offers a complete package of text processing solutions to give you relief from the annoying job of typing the documents. It will aid you to build up and fortify your expertise in other core business work.