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Survey Data Processing, Data Entry and Data Capture

The term 'survey' is defined as a method for gathering information collected from a common group through application, questionnaire, and interviews or by any other means.

We, at Data Processing India provide data entry of precise comprehensive research and survey forms. With the growing technology and advanced infrastructure, survey data processing has completely become a computer-based system. Although there are numerous web sites, tools and application which allow you to poll site visitors, but none among them are capable enough to hold deep, widespread surveys like product use, marketing efficacy and customer experiences. Data Processing India, the pioneer survey data processing service provider in India, specializes in these fields and offers an entire gamut of services ranging from survey data entry, survey data capture, survey design and interpretation, to reports, graphics and presentations.

We ensure that our clients get the quality work from us. The survey-processing unit chiefly handles the survey fundamentals, which includes survey scanning, survey data entry services online etc that meet all your requirements. You can completely rely on us regarding your questionnaire data processing work and at the same time concentrate on

Our survey-processing task includes:

  • Survey data entry

    This is the process of entering data into the computerized database. Our efficient, experienced, and qualified professionals perform this. Here the electronic data entry is done.

  • Survey setup and design

    At Data Processing India, we embark on advanced questionnaire and survey form design. This helps organizations to incarcerate data in most competent way.

  • Survey Reporting

    Here, the data is captured in a relational SQL database, custom reports are provided in MS Access, and Excel formats.

  • Services Of Printing And Mailing

    We offer a cost effective package of custom envelope design and printing. You can avail it by leveraging our printing and mailing service.

  • Survey Scanning

    Here,at Data Processing India, we use the advanced OCR and ICR techniques for scanning the survey documents and forms.

We have excelled in the field through our professionalism and the continuous effort of providing first rate services.

This outsource process provides all-inclusive survey processing solution that are designed to create and measure experimental event marketing results. Our data processing service is there to help you at every stage, starting from growth of the survey and its design; all qualities of ours make us enable to undertake any kind of surveys and of any volume. We also pay direct attention towards cost controlling and quality maintenance.

Feel free to contact us for any kind of queries regarding survey data processing. WE offer a FREE quote for any kind of survey processing projects.