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Your team did a great job and
completed the task on time, we
need to resume this work again by
next month with additional per-
sons, we will update on man power
requirements well in advance so
that you can dedicate persons to
our project. Thanks.

- Jerry

Data Processing Quality and System

We, at Data Processing India offer best quality data processing work at affordable rate and best possible turnaround time. We are here to offer you the best place to fulfill all your needs on the data processing services. All the processing work is done by expert professionals and is reviewed by our expert quality control team at every level.

Data Processing India provides you the most economical way to outsource your data processing work and get highest quality output. We understand the value of quality data in your business and give complete value to your data and to its quality. This is the reason why we strive to maintain the highest standards of data processing quality.

The quality team ofData Processing India works on the philosophy of quality, accurateness and timeliness. Moreover, to achieve the highest data entry quality and accuracy, we use the best combination of state-of-the-art system and proven operational technologies and work hard to maintain the time limit. This is how we offer high-quality solutions to data processing needs and do the error-free data processing works.

We follow a standard methodology to ensure the completion of projects, that too without any scope for complaints with data quality and accuracy. We have a committed team of highly qualified and experienced computer professionals. To deliver error-free documents, thorough planning, testing, staff training and rigorous quality control procedures are applied.

Our strong quality control department is the backbone of our company. This department has the best of qualified and experienced quality analysts and data processing professionals. This efficient team does the final check over the work to ensure that all the suggestions and specifications are complied with before delivering it to the client.

Under any situation, the foremost priority is given to client's requirements. We ensure that we can provide voluminous and complicated projects within the time limit and that too with complete accuracy and data quality.

The parameters for quality check:

  • OCR/ICR data verifications
  • Logical checks
  • Data sample checking
  • Table lookups
  • Constant retraining to the operators
  • Data inspection
  • Consistency formulas
  • Physical verification of data entry
  • Double keying method

The procedure we follow to maintain quality:

  • A last round verification is again conducted to ensure the absolute accuracy and leaving no scope for error.
  • A proof reading of the whole text is done after that. The quality proof readers read the text; this is done to ensure spelling, grammar, codes and punctuations as per Key Specifications.
  • Again one electronic comparison is conducted to ensure accuracy.
  • Comparison between the two is done electronically; the software is used for this purpose. The program automatically stops if there is any mismatch between the two. Operators, thus corrects the error.
  • Different typists do the entry in various files to generate the output.
  • The coding specialists, after receiving the work assignment, transfer the client's specifications into corresponding coding format. We do this to evade ambiguities among operators as clientele and projects change.
  • The editing of the file is conducted to correct the detected errors while proof reading.
  • The job is then divided into different batches and each batch is given a casing "Keying Specification Instruction Sheet".

The Versatility of Output of the outsource data processing:

Data Processing India delivers data in any kind of structured file formats like MS Word, XML, MS Excel, PDF, SGML or any other software formats that customer prefers. You can send your documents to us via e-mail, in DVD or CD or you can even directly upload through the FTP server.

The way we maintain quality along with security and protection of data:

To prevent any kind of unauthorized access to our client's data, we have a very stern data security and protection scheme toning industry standards. Clients' mission-critical data are given special attention to ensure privacy and secrecy. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if our client prefers.

Feel free to contact us to get quality data processing services.