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Web Data Extraction / Capture Services

Data Processing India has developed automated methods to capture online data from any of the existing websites. The process to extract web data, is the method of gathering information that is stored on web pages, we have the technology to extract the data from different sources like Meta-data, HTML, PDF catalogs, images, product information, contact information and many more. Even we can convert the data according to client's chosen format.

Our data extraction services has the resources, technologies and processes to sustain the web data extraction needs of a broader range of user communities with various backgrounds, concerns and usage reasons.

At Data Processing India, we make the practical use of pioneering technology in order to categorize appropriate data, relate various kinds of web data extraction, make it accessible for using in various applications, and distributing to the database or a spreadsheet.

Web based data capture is defined as "the science of extracting useful information from large data sets or databases." This process engages sorting via huge amount of data and selecting out the relevant information. Business intelligence organizations and financial analysts generally use website data extraction, yet nowadays this is increasingly used in the science to mine out information from massive data sets produced by contemporary experimental and observational processes.

We make you capable of

  • Collecting article titles and content from different category websites to build digital libraries
  • Take out addresses of prospective clientele from your business websites that can be used to construct potential customer databases
  • Obtain information from databases for conducting pharmaceutical research
  • Collect product information from your competitor’s databases which is used for further inquiry
  • Extract and integrate commodity price information from various e-commerce websites in order to create price comparison systems that aids client to choose the cheapest products

We provide a precise website data extraction that helps you improve the gathering of competitive and market intelligence. This not only reduces the cost but also increases the efficiency of your market intelligence efforts.

Our data capture solutions can guide you in the following intelligence activities:

  • Patent research
  • Monitoring competitive pricing
  • Tracking competitor web sites
  • Finding sales leads
  • Tracking news and press releases of companies, events and products

We go for a continuous investment in the cutting-edge web extraction technologies and human competencies to make us capable enough to collect information from texts in heterogeneous formats like emails, PDF files, and web pages and change them into homogenous form and customize the web content in order to sustain the companies numerous objectives.

If you wish to focus on your core business activities, then it is advisable to outsource. your web data extraction requirements. Moreover, if you are looking for such companies, then you are at the right place. We have a powerful and scalable extraction-server that has the ability to cope up with high voluminous and complex extraction work. We, at Data Processing India have unique and perfectly designed tools for data extraction from both static and dynamic web pages. We can customize them for your target websites, so that it can mine out the right content for you. We are here to offer you the best quality work in a best possible turn around time and most affordable rate.

Please contact us for any further query. We have a team of expert professionals and they will look after your queries and provide you the best solution right away.